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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday 9th June 2016

Hi everyone,
Today 11 people came through the doors for Bible study. One guy came who had not been before. I had been spent some time with him after he had approached me last Sunday.
God brought him along today.
It was a peaceful day with people participating in Bible study.
Next week we will have a week off Thursday Bible study as I have other things to attend to.

Please pray for the group particularly those searching for accommodation.
Pray also for those who move out of the area. Unfortunately as people move on from Edward Eagar Lodge or the area they often stop attending. Pray that they will continue to find and worship the Lord wherever they are.
Thanks for your prayers

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday Bible study

Hi everyone,
Today 9 people came to Bible study. It was a relatively quiet day but people participated in Bible study. Its hard to know whether things are taken to heart or not.
One guy came for the first time. He was not travelling so well mentally but visited and came back 3 times during the afternoon.
Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit work in their lives to transform them.
There are many distractions and false teaching out amongst them. Pray that God will reveal himself to them and that they will come to know and accept the true Jesus.
Please continue to pray for the group as they encounter many distractions from a life with Jesus


May SHUM team

Thanks to the May SHUM team. I hope that you enjoyed the month apart from waking up very tired on Wednesday morning. It was great to serve with you and I hope that we this will continue into the future.
I hope this month has encouraged you to continue to share Jesus with all the people who cross your life.
Take care and hope to see you again.
Please pray for us when your mind drifts to memories of SHUM.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday 26th May 2016

Hi everyone
It was a relatively quiet day with 9 people attending bible study.
One new person came I had been encouraging him to attend the last couple of weeks
so it was great to see him there.
Another guy came because I had prayed for him and his application for the disability pension had come
through very quickly. He speaks very little English but was very thankful.

Pray that he does not misunderstand or misinterpret God's grace and that he will come to know and accept Jesus as Lord.
Please continue to pray for the group.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday 12th May 2016

Hi everyone,
Today went relatively smoothly. 
Today 11 people came through our doors. This was pretty good considering others were not there as there was a FREE excursion  to Taronga Zoo today, organised by Edward Eagar Lodge.
Please continue to pray for this group that God will work in them and transform their lives.
Many have a knowledge of the Bible and Jesus but applying this to their lives is always a struggle.
Unfortunately there will be no Thursday group next week as I am unavailable next Thursday.

Thanks for your prayers