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Friday, March 29, 2013

March SHUM and Thursday 28th March

Hi everyone,
Thanks to the March SHUM for participating in SHUM. I wish everyone a joyous Easter.
Thanks for the month I enjoyed meeting and serving with you guys.
I hope you found the month challenging, encouraging and informative.
Thursday was a relatively quiet day, not many people around the streets and missing a fair few regulars. I think many were off to other Easter functions.
8 people attended Thursday Bible discussion with 1 new person coming and really only looking for lunch.
Helpers were Lisa(my wife) Ann and Margaret. Reverend David also joined us. Sandy from Church provided a great lunch for us.
We also had communion together.
Here is a picture of what the people in March thought about SHUM. I filled in the letters JUST in case you could not make out what they were doing. J
Thanks again for your support, participation and prayers.
Please pray for the people who attend Thursdays group that
1)       Their relationship with God will grow
2)       That God’s word will transform their lives


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