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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A tough day Thursday 19th April 2013

Hi everyone,
9 people attended Bible discussion yesterday. It was a very tough day with one person being a bit difficult during the study and another attending later in a very unstable state of mind. He was angry and aggressive but fortunately sat down with me after and talked and calmed down. He was punching the wooden table with his fist to the point of bleeding. Please pray for him and the group as you can see it does not take much for things to  a little awry.

Two praise point though one lady whom I have not seen for over a year came in to see me. She could not stay but wanted to say hello and that she would return in a couple of weeks. Please pray she does.

The other praise point is for another person who attended yesterday. I had met him when  we first started SHUM and he was the first or one of the first to attend the Thursday Bible group. Then he dropped out I had not seen him since 2008 he says. It was great to seem him and he is still in the Lord. He says he will return please pray he does.
Please continue to pray for the group and pray that I may be able to present the gospel clearly without distortion despite events that occur.


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