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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday 13th June

Hi everyone
Well today was as always eventful. Today 10 people came through the doors 1 of them turned up late. We shared in the Bible study as well as communion. One guy who attended was there in very bad shape mentally and physically.
Unfortunately he picked a fight with the guy who arrived late and I needed to intervene. Fortunately no fighting took place.
Please pray about this as this is a real concern as the guy he had the altercation with may not return because of this. Please also pray for wisdom for myself so I can seek some resolution to this as it is happening quite regularly. I will be away for a week and a half so Thursdays will be in recess for two weeks. Hopefully this will calm things down.
Out of the people who attended today 2 were new and one guy has not been for a while. He only comes when he is not at work. However he has been retrenched and not well as he has cancer and it is advanced.
Pray that he will return when I come back from holidays and that his cancer if not healed will not bring suffering.
Please pray that God will sustain the people who attend Thursdays and that they will remember to return when I return.

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