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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A peaceful day 19 Sept 2013

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers! Today was a much quieter and peaceful day. I prepared a few passages on forgiveness I was hoping that would sit well with everyone. God was gracious and I had planned to talk more sternly about last weeks mess but this seemed unnecessary today. God was gracious I just hope and pray that they understand about the forgiveness we have in Jesus and if we truly are grateful for this then we will treat others the same.
Realistically they have probably already forgotten about last week.
I have also told them we will be in two weeks of recess from Thursday Bible study and will be back on the 10th of October. Pray for their return. I have others ministry matters I need to attend to during these next couple of weeks.
Today 10 people entered through our doors. One guy was new but unfortunately could not stay for Bible study.
Pray he will return another time. Another guy who regular comes called me and said he could not make it today.
One lady who has recently been attending from the Tuesday night crowd came again today. She even brought a friend. Pray she will continue to attend
Thanks for your prayers everyone. Your prayers are critical and vital to this ministry.


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