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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday 16th April 2015

Hi everyone,
Today we returned to the Thursday group after a 2 week recess.
We only had about half our normal group there but this made for an interesting
and peaceful Bible study with everyone participating.
After Bible study I went to the Edward Eagar lodge  to follow up on a couple of people.
The atmosphere over there was completely different people I could sense people were a little tense and anxious. I even said that to the office staff and they agreed. One lady had cut her toe and it was being bandaged up near the office.
Another lady I talked to, was clearly on edge and I prayed with her. However all exploded very quickly, the lady I spoke to took offense at something the lady who cut her toe said and she just went up and let fly a couple of really big punches.
The workers and I came between them blood was free flowing and the police were soon there.  
This is actually what life is like amongst these people.
Thanks and praise God that He watches over us even when we are unaware.
Please continue to pray for the Thursday group and the people who attend and God's presence at Edward Eagar Lodge.
It is clear God is needed.


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