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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday 2nd July 2015

Hi everyone,
Yesterday we had a number of people away. Some were sick and a couple of them were also sorting out their
accommodation. However 7 people attended Bible study. It was actually pretty good as they were all
on the ball and had remembered things from our studies in the past weeks.
It was a peaceful time without any frustrations.
After Bible study I headed to Central to search out a guy who had been regular to all the bible studies each week for a number of months. He had accepted Jesus  but things clearly had not gone well for him and hence I have not seen him  again. I did not find him.
Please pray that he will return and that God will continue to work in his life. I also went to Mission Australia to
drop off a note to another guy under similar circumstances. Please pray for him as well
After this I head up to St Vincent's to visit a man I met on the street 7 or 8 years ago. He has terminal cancer. However he believes and is looking forward to being with the Lord. Please pray for his funeral arrangements which we are trying to sort out.
I then headed back to Edwrd Eagar lodge to speak to one of the staff members. He is quite concerned being diagnosed with emphysema and now being checked for possible cancer. We prayed together.
Prayer is crucial as we often briefly only glance people's live.

Please also pray about Tuesday nights as a couple of other food vans have been set up on Tuesday night and I think this is changing the timing of people meeting with us and whether they will indeed meet with us.

Thanks for your prayers which are always appreciated.

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