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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thursday 10th March

Hi everyone,
Today 10 people came through our doors.  One guy who I have been following up from a couple of months ago attended for the first time. I knew him from Edward Eagar Lodge where I am chaplain.
However unfortunately many were not travelling well mentally.
Half way through the study 5 people needed to leave, most not going well mentally. One guy left but stayed to talk to me after and just hung around outside. Another guy I spoke to before we started and he left because he said he could not concentrate and focus on the study. Another guy left because he was mentally not well and angry and began speaking to himself and getting angrier during Bible study. Praise and thank God he left amiably and did not cause any problems with  others.
Please continue to pray for Thursdays and that God will bring people in a good mental state ready to study His word together.

Strangely enough , except not so strange, it happens regularly, I met another guy who was living at the Lodge but has now moved out. I met him at the entrance of the Church just waiting for people to come in. I chatted with him and prayed with him. Pray that God will work in Him and that one day he will return.

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