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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday 26th November

Hi everyone,
Today 12 people came through our doors, this did  not include one who came in right at the end but rang me and asked to come for a few minutes wanted to say hello to everyone. 
I had 3 guys from  Edward Eagar Lodge attend today it was their first time. Unfortunately none could stay for the study . One of them though has met with me every time I have been around in the city this week having Bible study, including Sunday. Unfortunately these 3 had different appointments to attend today.
They all are struggling with issues in their life . 
Pray they will attend on Sunday and next Thursday too.
Another guy came who had not been for a possibly a year. And yet another person just out of rehab also returned today.
Please pray for the group as there are many problems carried by the people who attend.
Thanks and praise to God who provides and sustains all people.
With many people today at different times, praise God that the day went peacefully and people participated in Bible study.
We still have a couple more weeks left for Thursday Bible study this year.
Please pray people will hear, learn and meet Jesus.


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