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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Thursday Bible study for 2015 Dec 10th

Hi everyone,
Today was our last Thursday Bible study for the year. We had a special lunch today.
It was a strange day with a few people not there because they were in hospital.
12 people came through our doors today
One guy who had not been the last couple of months returned today and one new person attended today. Even after we finished someone called me to send their apologies as they were on their way to hospital. Strangely enough I asked if they were going to hospital soon as I was on my way to visit a guy in hospital who also rang earlier saying that he could not make it because he too was in hospital.
A lady who I know from Edward Eagar lodge and has been attending was not in a good mental state today. This was the case for many of them. The group was not cohesive and I believe part of this is the people who have been attending have been changing over fairly regularly.

After visiting the man in hospital , I waited for him to be released and drove him and another guy from Edward Eagar Lodge back to the lodge. Both were glad to return there.

Despite the events of the day praise God that He has brought these people to us today and I still managed to have Bible study with them even though it was quiet and some were obviously having trouble concentrating.
Pray for the people who attend the various groups I organise. Pray that God will work in them to change their lives.
Pray that they may have a consistent relationship with God.
Thanks for your prayers over this year. Please continue you to pray that God will sustain and guide this ministry and SHUM.


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